The Sun God Ar/Hayk and Holy Spirit Logos

Any one, who is more-less acquainted with the idea-spiritual system «Essence», which components are the theories of E-ism/Essence, «Genesis-Aya», the theory of armenians as an aryan race, with the adjacent literature and even with the materials represented only on this website, without any doubt or a prevention can find out from a material mentioned below, that the latter is just a fugitive reflection of the system «Essence» in spite of the fact that the author doesn’t make any hint at all. Even more, he considers it as a personal authorship and is going to publish a theory under the very name “E-ism”. This is a really awfully phenomenon and most likely it has various reasons, which we’ll reflect on other occasion. Here we only want to concentrate the attention of our readers. We give this phenomenon to your own observation and analyses. You have the right to be authentically informed.
(added 18.01.2001)

The 30,000 Data base of Armenian rock carvings called Karetaran [Stone Library] records were hidden over 10,000 years and its divine message was used as a secret source of power. Unfortunately, at certain times, this sacred knowledge has been misused by certain forces to subjugate and control people. The archaic information of Karetaran is the main source of knowledge about Astronomy, Religion, various myths and highly developed cultural traditions, told through the medium of the hieroglyphic art language. These hierogrlyphs have documented the true Genesis Of Civilization. The attached rendered illustration is just one of the iconic hieroglyph ideograms whose deciphering is not an hypothesis, but is based upon facts depicted from Karetaran and compared with the earliest Egyptian twin-hieroglyphs and various other relevant writing systems as well as Egyptian wall paintings.

Once there was a time when Humanity was One, and spoke the same language, and lived in the Divine Garden that was protected by the heavenly God/dess – (H)Aya. There was no sin or various discords between the people and there was only the atmosphere of a harmonious paradise. Around 9,000 BC., something terrible happened in the Armenian Highland and the Armenians were divided into many different branches. According to the New Zealand scientists R. D. Gray and Q.D. Atkinson(published their findings in 2003), the Proto-Indo-European Language is at least anywhere between 7,800 to 9,800 years old. It was during this time that the Armenians were separated from their common stem into many tribes and spread to all four corners of the world. Armenian hieroglyphs support this from an archaeological and religious point of view with their iconic astronomical, religious, mythological concepts, which are the basis of both visual arts and hieroglyphic recordings of ancient civilizations including: – Mesopotamian, starting from Sumerian [who attest that they came down to Mesopotamia from Armenian Highland], Hittite, Akkadian, Babylonian, Assyrian, Mitanni, Persian, Egyptian, Greece, prehistoric Europe, as well as Maya and Inca cultures.

The attached archaic ideogram is identified with the Armenian Sun-God AR [in other languages also with the Ur-Er-Orprefix]. This notion is based upon the fact that the hieroglyph of a circle and circum-punct attached to the goat or the ram is found in the Armenian Highland dating back to ca. 8,000 BC. The ram/goat is one of the main totems of ancient Armenians. The goat with its joined horns is already identified by professor Hamlet Mardirosian as the symbol of a flag, indicating its divinity, this flag is used in Egyptian hieroglyphs among many other Armenian hieroglyphs. The circle attached to the goat/flag deity is the symbol that represents the Sun God. This symbol of a dot in the middle of the circle is the later Egyptian symbol of the Sun God RA, again in all probability brought down to the Nile Delta by ancient Armenian Astronomers who laid the foundations of a Spiritual Empire in Sumer, Egypt and beyond. The attached illustration found among Armenian rock hieroglyphs, is the original iconic ideogram that is today known as the Constellations of Orion and the Pleiades [Leg of the Bull]: “The Star Of The Gods,” the brightest star in the Orion constellation is Sirius which the Armenians call Hayk – the son of the supreme God of Gods – HAYA. Sirius is about twice the size of the sun and about 20 times as luminous, thus Haik is considered the incarnation of God of Gods Haya. The Egyptian Star Ra and celestial bodies are supported by the Egyptian version of Geb (also known as Seb, Keb, Kebb or Gebb) who was the God of the Earth and fertility. Ar, Ra and Christ are often represented through the same ideogram as the celestial incarnations of God of Gods Haya. Thus the attached ideogram is the very root and the symbolical foundation of all religions.

The Pleiades stars in Astronomy are also commonly reffered to as the Seven Sisters, the brightest three stars form the celestial Triangle, [Star: TYC 1799 1026 1 – Star: HD 283271 – and the blazing star of Ar/Ra: HD 282943] as well as all 7 “Sister” Pyramids in Egypt are a duplicate model of Armenian supreme God of Gods Haya, and his Spiritual Kingdom on earth manifested by his son Hayk. In the Dendera Zodiac, all of the human figures have distinctive triangular forms, particularly evident in the figure representing Orion. Armenians call themselves Haikazian, meaning sons of Haik, The core idea of Trinity, that form the six-pointed star sometimes also called the Star of David (also in Hebrew called the Key of Solomon) in fact has much ancient origin. The Star of David concept represents two triangles – one positioned upwards – symbolizing the primordial Holy Mountain that rose out of the waters, and the other triangle with its base positioned downwards, represents heavenly father Haya – “As above, So below³ – thus, when joined together, the Six Pointed star represents Heaven and Earth in perfect harmony and in union of Oneness. The trinity in reality is: Father God of Gods Haya, the Constellation of Orion with that of Sirius as its brightest star representing the Son Ara/Hayk, and the Holy Spirit [Fertilizer] – all three in One. Ara/Hayk with its symbol of the winged disc is found throughout all ancient civilizations, even in modern times at places like the Washington Monument, depicted with two bird-headed serpents biting its tail – the symbol of eternity, which is also depicted on a ceremonial vessel in Medsamor Armenia ca. 4,000-3,000 BC and a star, probably the two headed serpents represent the Celestial ship of Ar/Ra or Lepus in the sky, sometimes interpreted as an evil serpent [duality] crushed under Orion´s foot. A visual portrayal of the first biblical prophecy about the coming Messiah in Genesis Chapter 3: v15 “And I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed; it shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise his heel”. Orion was depicted in ancient times as a hunter with a skin of an animal in his hand. This very same skin is also found on ancient Armenian Vishapakars [Dragon Stones]. Armenians associate the Constellation of Orion with that of their Forefather – Hayk – the terrestrial embodiment of that constellation. Another iconic symbol is the The Washington Monument Obelisk´s cap stone, the primordial Mountain pyramid [BenBen Mound] which is the primordial Holy Mountain ArArAt, which was also symbolically represented through the Egyptian and many other similar pyramids of the globe.

The etymology of Orion in Greek literally means – “Mountain Man.” Orion also means “Coming Forth as Light.” In Akkadian, Orion was named “Ur-Ana”, the word Ur, is also spelled as Ar – “Ar-Ana” – probably Ana is the Armenian Nane(Sumerian Inanna), all of them meaning “Light of Heaven” whose cult was located in Armenian Ur-ha or present Urfa in historic Armenia. So the Cult of Ar is the central subject of the worship of Orion. In Greek Mythology Orion was a giant hunter and is depicted holding a lion´s head or skin in his left hand and a club in his right. Under Orion’s feet were the faithful celestial dogs: Canis Major and Canis Minor in Armenian: Great Hayk and Lesser Hayk, later identified with Christ. Psalm 19: v1 “The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament sheweth his handwork.”

This very same celestial triangle of Pleiades, joined with the reverse triangle of Mountain Ararat as earthly Triangle, is Found in Medsamor Armenia, the three ideograms are framed together with the ideogram É Astica and Chastica [Sacred Swastika] and the ideogram of eternity framed in exactly as the Egyptian cartouches, which is the oldest ideogram ever known. The entire Armenian Astrology and religion was exported by Armenians to Sumer, Mesopotamia, Egypt, India, Europe, Maya, Inca, also through Armenian-Aryan religion to Vatican, and by Freemasons to amongst other places Washington DC.

The inscriptions on the back of the sphinx has been in all probability deliberately damaged. The Sphinx in Egypt is the same as the two Lions that were the guardians of the God’s Garden in Armenia. [A separate article on this subject will be published soon]. The sphinx in Egypt represents the star-cluster Leo, although at present it has the face of Khafre and is claimed that Khafre built the Sphinx around 2,500 BC., which is about the 4th dynasty, but there are many clues and strong evidence that the original Sphinx was built by a far more advanced civilization around 8,000-10,000 BC. Who could have built such a masterpiece except the Armenian astrologers who were already developed mathematicians and mastered sacred geometry? So, we are certain that the head of the Sphinx initially was a Lion, which corresponds to the Armenian rock carvings. The facts confirm this point of view and equate it with the star-cluster of Leo – as the Guardian of God’s Garden in Armenia.

The Tree of Life is also a pure Armenian iconic symbol that we find among many cross shaped like symbols like the ‘T’ with a loop at the top. This symbol was especially used in Armenian hieroglyphs and in ancient Egypt as the Ankh – a symbol representing life. It is also called the Asante Cross. This symbol deserves a separate article which will be published soon. The Tree of Life [depicted in Armenia as the ideogram [Ankh] is the celebration of the Genesis of Life on Earth. It is high time to tell the truth about our national and spiritual heritage and to present the genuine Genesis of Civilization. Psalms 19: v3 “There is no speech nor language, where their voice is not heard.” – for God of Gods, Haya the light of the universe is the Absolute of every TRUTH above and below.
Karekin Dickran


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  1. Hi, I was just wondering more about the meaning of the word “Orion” in Greek, Akkadian, or any language. It is my first name, and I would like to get a firm grasp on its etymology. I was wondering if you could point me in the direction of your sources? Thank you, Orion Sky Rosveld

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