Quotations from Garegin Njdeh

Quotations from Garegin Njdeh (translated by Ara Baliozian):

* The morally depraved can also voice noble principles.
* Life is constant and endless renewal. Only the morally irresponsible refuse to understand this.
* Without renewal, a nation dies every hour, every minute. Our political parties either don’t understand this or they have no desire to understand it.
* A nation that fails to do what it can and must do has no right to expect foreign assistance.
* Nations that are unwilling to defend their own interests condemn themselves to death.
* When dealing with foreign powers and issues, our press adopts a permissive, forgiving, and subservient tone. With our own internal problems, however, it becomes arrogant, vindictive, vicious.
* Life is endless renewal. Where there is no renewal there will be spiritual paralysis and a slow death.
* It is the height of ignorance for a political party to think that it can deny the value of morality in its own conduct and maintain moral integrity within its ranks.
* To struggle in defense of what is right is not a calamity but a blessing.
* Undermining the morality of a nation amounts to undermining its strength.
* Why did I fight against the Soviet Army? Because they invaded my country alongside with the Turks.
* To live and strive for only what deserves to die for; and to die for only what deserved to live for.


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